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Riverdance 2:Live In New York City (NR): $ 21.99
Riverdance 2:Live In New York/Clamshe (NR) : $ 21.99
Riverdance 2:Live In New York/DVD (NR): $26.49
Riverdance:The Show (NR): $21.99
Riverdance:The Show/Clamshell (NR): $21.99

Gael Force: An Irish Music Event

Featuring: Sinead O'Connor, Christy Moore, The Chieftans, Mary Black, De Dannan, Altan, Clannad, Sharon Shannon, Brian Kennedy, Frances Black, Maura O'Connel, Carlos Nunez, Ashely, Maclsaac, and more.

VHS: $17.49

Long Journey Home: Irish in America

VHS 4 Volume Set: $71.49

Michael Collins

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Michael Collins, the man and the movie, stands tall. The man is a hero whose fighting tactics became a model for other 20th century struggles, a statesman who neogiated Ireland's break with England, a political martyr slain for the great cause he lived and breathed. Michael Collins roils with the passions of war furiously waged and peace desperately sought. Liam Neeson plays the title role. Aidian Quinn, Stephen Rea, Alan Rickman and Julia Roberts also deliver vivid preformances, as does Ireland's greatest tenor Frank Patterson in a heart rending redition of "Macushla." They, Jordan and a suberb behind-the -cameras team make Michael Collins a man and a movie you won't soon forget. The movie is an epic triumph "as brave and heartfelt as Braveheart."

-Jack Mathews, Newsday

Michael Collins (R): $17.49
Michael Collins/DVD (R): $ 21.99
Michael Collins/Spanish Subtitles (R): $17.49
Michael Collins/Widescreen Edition (R): $17.49


Mel Gibson stars on both side of the camera, playing the lead role plus diresting and producing this brawling, richly-detailed saga of fierce combat, tander lave and the will to risk all that's precious for something more precious: freedom. In an emotionally charged performance, Gibson is William Wallace, a bold Scotsman who used the steel of his blade and the fire of his itellect to rally his countrymen to liberation. Filled with sword-clanging spectacle, Braveheart is a tumultuous tapestry of history come alive, "the most sumptuous and involving historical epic scince Lawrence of Arabia."

-Rod Lurie, Los Angeles Magazine

Braveheart (R): $21.99
Braveheart / Widescreen Edition (R): $21.99
Braveheart (Thx,Ac-3) (R): $44.49
Braveheart (Widescreen,Thx,Ac-3) (R): $44.49

Ireland, The Isle of Memories

Have you ever visited Ireland... or hope to some day? Then you'll enjoy this superb, amazingly forceful authentic visual journey around the Emerald Isle. Visit all 32 counties including: Galway, The Aran Islands, Croagh Patrick - Ireland Holy Mountains, Knock Shrine, and Dublin City. View its unsurpassed beauty, the heroics of its past and enjoy delightful music and song by one of Ireland best known ballad groups, The Barleycorn. Excellent naration by Monnica Carr and Johnathan Ryan.

VHS: $26.49

Ireland: A Writers Island

VHS: $26.49

Ireland: Discovering

VHS: $26.49

Ireland: The Green Island

VHS: $26.49

Irish American Heritage (K-3)
VHS: $ 26.49

Irish Americans (NR)
VHS: $ 35.49

Irish Dance:See It! Feel It! Love It! (NR)
VHS $ 10.99

Irish Dancing Made Easy (NR)
One of Ireland's leading Irish dance instructor's takes you step by step through the wonderful tradition of irish dance. Enjoy the easy to learn steps of the Irish Jig, Reel, Treble Jig, and Slip Jig. The steps taught in this video provide the basis for any ceili dance or Irish gathering.

VHS $ 12.99

Irish Evening (NR)
VHS $ 12.99

Irish Homecoming (NR)
VHS $ 17.49

Irish In America Boxed Set (NR)
VHS $ 26.49

Irish Waterways:Forgotton Locks/Chris (NR)
VHS $ 17.49

Irish Waterways:Great Race/Endless Ro (NR)
VHS $ 17.49

Irish Waterways:Viking Invasion/Yeste (NR)
VHS: $ 17.49

Scotland:Beauty And Majesty (NR)
VHS $ 12.99

Scotland:Land Of Legends (NR)
VHS $ 21.99

Scotland's Malt Whiskey Trail (NR)
VHS $ 17.49

Scotland The Brave (NR)
VHS $ 17.49

Scotland:World Of A Difference (NR)
VHS $ 8.49

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